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Date Night Ideas During Quarantine – by Enchanted Designs

These days, life may feel anything but romantic and confinement may not always bring out the best in you or your partner each day. But it's important to keep the love, romance and excitement alive, and a great way to do this is with a date night! While date nights look a lot different during social distancing, our friends at Enchanted Designs Weddings & Events use their planning skills to bring us some fantastic ideas... read on!


Couple enjoying date night dinner at home


Get Dressed Up and Have a Fancy Dinner

You don’t need to go out to the nice restaurant to get the dinner date night experience. So, go ahead and get dressed up, open a bottle of wine and cook a fancy meal for two. 

Plan a Themed Night In

This can be such a fun and creative date night at home. Plan a Parisian picnic, have a fancy Italian dinner or imagine being beach side while having a nice surf and turf meal. 


Couple playing board game


Plan a Game Night

Are your board games or cards just collecting dust on the shelf? Well then pull those out and have a fun night together.  Puzzles are also a fun project to work on together as a couple. We love puzzles as well as playing some MarioKart when we are feeling competitive! 


Couple enjoying wine and cheese


Have a Wine Tasting

Imagine traveling through Sonoma or the Italian countryside and heading into your favorite winery. If they offer shipping or you can pick up, get your glasses out and set up your own wine tasting. You can even enjoy a little meat and cheese platter while doing your tasting.

Enjoy a Fun Concert

With so many concerts and other large events being cancelled, you may be missing out on some of your favorite performers. But there are so many incredible artists out there streaming free concerts that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Or head over you YouTube and find your favorite band for a fun musical night.


Couple watching a concert at home


Plan Your Dream Vacation

While your travel plans are on hold right now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start imaging your dream vacation. Imagine no travel restrictions or budget restrictions, what would your ideal vacation look like? My husband and I do this often, years ago it even sparked the 2.5-week trip we took through Europe last fall. And if you are feeling extra ambitious, set a plan to make it happen. Our next dream trip, a South African safari. 

These are just a few fun ideas to keep you entertained with your partner during this time of social distancing. Let us know which ones you try out... and have fun!!

Many thanks to Enchanted Designs Weddings & Events for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.


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