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Current Trends in Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Current Trends: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Author: H. Carter Jewelers

Wondering what’s hot in the world of engagement and wedding rings right now? Here’s our guide to the trends that are becoming the new classics:

Vintage Enagement Ring













Engagement Rings:

1. Halo: A halo-style engagement ring features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds—hence the name. Whether you’re loving the single-, double- or even triple-halo look, there’s no denying that this style is quickly becoming a new classic. Besides looking beautiful, halos also have the added advantage of making a center diamond look larger, which is great for ring buyers on a budget.

2. Vintage: Lovers of filigree and old-fashioned glamour rejoice! Old is becoming new again with beautiful vintage-style engagement rings becoming en vogue. Of course, there are two routes you can go with this trend: you can buy a truly vintage ring, or go for a brand-new ring in a vintage style. Either way, we’re thrilled to see these beautiful rings make a comeback.

3. Rose gold: In the last 10 years, this metal has gone from being the hip new kid on the block to cementing itself as a staple in many women’s jewelry collections. The blushing metal is romantic and elegant, flatters tons of skin tones and looks beautiful mixed with yellow and white gold. It’s really no wonder that brides-to-be are now turning to rose gold as their metal of choice.


Women's engagement ring













Women’s Wedding Bands:

1.       Stacking bands: The stackable ring trend has now extended to wedding bands! This is a great way to wear two, three or even more bands (whatever you feel looks best!). Many women like to mix metals and stones for a statement look.

2.       Pavé settings: This look is becoming more and more prevalent, and we understand why—who wouldn’t love a ring that looks like it’s paved with diamonds? This style gets rid of the metal you’d typically see between stones and goes for maximum sparkle.

3.       Colored stones: To further personalize their wedding rings, many women are turning to colored stones. This is especially fun if you choose a stacked look where you can add different colors to commemorate different occasions, such as a pink sapphire band for the birth of a daughter.


Men's Wedding Band













Men’s Wedding Bands:

1.       Alternative metals: If the love of your life doesn’t really like the traditional look, he now has lots of options to choose from. He is no longer limited to white or yellow gold; instead, try rose gold, platinum, cobalt, tungsten or even wood. Each material has its own benefits and limitations, so make sure you investigate which options would be best for him.

2.       A little bling: Why should women get all the sparkle? More and more men’s rings feature diamonds and other precious stones so that guys can get their bling on too.

3.       Matte finish: For the guy who likes an alternative look, many metals can also have a matte finish put on them. While it requires a bit more upkeep than a regular ring, it’s a fantastic way to make a wedding ring stand out in a crowd.

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