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Craft beer at your wedding

Craft Beers at Colorado Weddings

Ranking 3rd in breweries per capita and boasting 300+ breweries in the state, Colorado is a major beer hub. Denver is consistently rated among the top beer capitals and is home to the largest beer festival in America (The Great American Beer Festival). But A-rated breweries seem to be popping up overnight all over Colorado. Brewer-friendly laws, clean water, local access to raw materials, and a burgeoning hipster population mean that Colorado is primed to take the world by storm one fizzy, alcoholic beverage at a time.

Once known primarily for the behemoth breweries like Coors and Anheuser-Busch, Colorado now has craft breweries holding their own in the very same zip codes as their beefier competitors. According to the Brewer’s Association 2014 statistics, 1.8 million barrels of craft beer were produced in CO.  That’s 14.1 gallons per person over the age of 21! (And you know not everyone drinks beer so somebody out there is doing double time.) Craft breweries alone employ a population roughly the size of Estes Park and account for billions in economic impact. Much like the wedding industry, the beverage industry is a major player in Colorado’s economy. So it makes sense to put the two together and celebrate local weddings with local beverages!

Wedding Sites and Services advertising partner, Stephanie Fleck of Party Girl Events, weighed in on craft beer at weddings on her blog in a post entitled “Why CO Brides are Cheersing to Craft Beers Instead of Champagne.” A few of her suggestions include:

1.       Surprising your beer-loving partner with their favorite beer and appetizer pairing. Kind of an edible show of appreciation!

2.       Introducing your guests to local beers via cocktail hour selections or at dinner by designing your menu around your favorite beer.

3.       Accommodating your guests with dietary restrictions by including one of many gluten-free local brews.

4.       Letting the beer be fun décor with growlers on the tables or pony-kegs.

5.       Injecting guests directly into the local craft beer scene by having your rehearsal dinner or other pre-wedding get-togethers at a brewery/restaurant.


To read the full article and get even more great advice, please check out the Party Girl Events Blog.


Written by Season Hurd (A Colorado Courtship Blog reporting for Wedding Sites and Services)

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