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Common Misconceptions about Venue Coordinators

Common Misconceptions about Venue Coordinators

Picking your wedding venue can be one of the most exciting and challenging pieces of wedding planning. So it’s natural that when a venue mentions the perk of an on-site coordinator you feel a sense of relief. Right?

Wrong. Venue coordinators are just that, venue coordinators. The venue is their specialty. They know the space inside and out, from top to bottom, back to front. Should any issues arrive with the venue, the site coordinator is your go to person. Venue coordinators are invaluable assets to a wedding site; however, there is more to an event than just the venue. For example: logistics, timelines, décor, event flow and much, much more. So who takes care of those details?

Wedding coordinators are hand picked by the couple. They are perfectly selected based off qualifications, personality, experience and your connection with them. Venue coordinators are hired by the venue. This presents various issues including that of turnover. What happens if one month before your wedding your coordinator is no longer with the venue? Having to explain more than once your vision for your wedding day, and hoping it will be carried out as you had imagined it, can often leave brides and grooms disappointed. The issue of venue turnover is more common than one might think.

Another pertinent difference between an onsite coordinator and a full-time planner is who is responsible for maintaining the timeline. Venue coordinators do not facilitate how and when guests, bridal parties, parents and other high priority guests arrive. Their role begins and ends at the venue. This means that the bride, groom, or some lucky relative is not only in charge of getting everyone to and from the venue, but overseeing the equally important details associated with the event timeline. A wedding coordinator implements and ensures that the timeline is in place and all the associated details are managed.

An underestimated, yet equally important role of a coordinator is the support of the bridal party and family members the day of. Venue coordinators are not concerned with broken zippers, drunk groomsmen, pinning boutonnieres, or providing hairspray to the mother of the bride. Their concern is that the space is clean, functioning and serving the desired purpose.

Choosing a venue with an onsite coordinator is an added value; however this does not provide the comprehensive service necessary to create a successful event. Utilize industry professionals whose attention and priority is on you and your special day only.


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