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Chris + Kathy's Lionscrest Manor Wedding – by Little White Dress

We absolutely love this story of Kathy’s beautiful and unconventional journey to finding her gown, and the way Little White Dress was able to help her carry a priceless memory of her mother with her on her wedding day. Read on as they explain...

In Kathy's own words, “5 years ago today I found my wedding dress. We lost our mom almost 5 years ago to breast cancer. My mom wasn’t one for good-byes or hand written letters, but she had one request. She wanted to see my sister and I try on wedding dresses before she died. I was hesitant about the idea, mostly because it was a harsh reminder of what our future would ultimately become. However, my sister organized the day and got an appointment set up at Little White Dress in Denver. We had a great time trying on dresses, eating a nice dinner, and enjoying our time together. Two weeks later, my mom died.”

“Fast forward to last fall, and it was time for me to find a wedding dress. I had kept the style number and designer name (Matthew Christopher) from that day with my mom. On a whim, I reached out to Little White Dress about the dress and told them my story. The owner was touched and said she would do whatever she could to find the dress. When Matthew Christopher heard the story, he wrote back and said he would make me any dress I wanted. The dress that I wore on my wedding day is the exact one that my mom saw me try on. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Little White Dress and Matthew Christopher and his team for making this dream a reality.”

We are honored and touched to have played a part in giving Kathy the gown both she and her mom loved. It’s moments like these that we live for! We are so grateful for amazing designers like Matthew Christopher who truly help us make magic.

It brings us so much joy to share Kathy and Chris’s beautiful wedding! Their wedding in Lyons, Colorado, is clearly a celebration of love, family, and support through it all. We love seeing the tributes to Kathy’s mom throughout the day.

Congratulations to Kathy and Chris, and thank you to Kathy for letting us be a part of your journey!

Kathy in her Matthew Christopher gown on the day she tried on gowns with her mom, sister, and aunt, in 2014.

Kathy in her Matthew Christopher gown on the day she tried on gowns with her mom, sister, and aunt, in 2014.

Gown: Matthew Christopher

Venue: Lionscrest Manor

Photography: Danna Frost

Planning: Petrichor Planning

Many thanks to Little White Dress for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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