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Choosing a Photographer and Videographer

Choosing a Photographer and Videographer

Capturing your precious memories is the essence of your ability to RELIVE those memories in the years to follow... Finding the RIGHT studio can make it all possible.

To view a list of questions you should consider asking your prospective photographer/videographer, click here.

Interview studios at least nine to twelve months prior to your wedding. In your interviews ask to see a portfolio, a video of previous work, references and perhaps a price sheet (for comparison purposes). Both photography and videography should be unobtrusive. A successful studio will know how to stay out of the main line of vision, yet capture all the exciting moments.

Once you have chosen your studio for photography and/or videography, have in writing all situations you want them to shoot.

If your are unsure about timing, most studios have considerable experience in weddings, so you may ask what situations are most popular and when they occur. Once you are satisfied with the studio you have chosen, and the studio understands your desires, relax and let them do their job.

A professional photographer or videographer will direct the situations as needed and will candidly capture your special moments.

They will provide you with an album and/or video that allows you to relive the memories with your family in the years ahead.


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