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Catering Service Options

Catering Service Options

Good caterers are booked far in advance. To ensure that you have the caterer you want, selecting a caterer should be among the first decisions you make.

Catering options are numerous when your reception is held in a home, garden, hall or site that allows you to provide a caterer of your choice.

It’s important that you determine what your culinary needs and party desires are. Some companies provide only food preparation and delivery, while others provide additional services such as rental equipment, set up and clean up, beverages, bartenders, food service, liquor,etc.

An experienced caterer will welcome your suggestions and help develop your reception so that it reflects your own tastes and personality. The caterer should be able to offer a variety of items to fit the style, budget and number of guests attending your wedding.

Presentation is an important part of catering. How imaginatively does the caterer present and garnish food (fresh flowers, decorative baskets, etc.)? What kinds of platters and serving pieces will be used? How will the servers be attired? These are all considerations that should be made when selecting a caterer for your special day.

For a list of questions you should consider asking your catering professional before making a final decision, click here.


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