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A Recipe for the Perfect Wedding: How to Get What You Want from Your Caterer

Holly Collins, Author of Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips and owner of Adventures in Dance talks to Karen at Denver’s Relish Catering about catering costs.

Is McDonald’s too expensive for your wedding?

I was recently shocked to read a wedding forum where a bride complained that $9 per person for Qdoba (or $7 per person at McDonald’s) was too expensive. To help educate everyone on catering costs I met with Karen Tucker, the owner of Relish Catering & Events. Relish is known in Denver for providing fresh, local, and made-from-scratch menus. Karen gave me the scoop on wedding catering…

I asked Karen about budgeting for your wedding meal. You see, she has a “McDonald’s Theory” regarding catering. Here’s the deal, you cannot serve a McDonald’s meal for under $7 a person. For that $7 you get a meal in a paper bag that required you to spend your own time to go pick up with your vehicle and gas to get it. It costs more than $7 per person for any caterer to purchase fresh ingredients, provide a kitchen to prepare your meal (at many weddings, caterers transport a whole kitchen to your location!), a large staff to set up a beautiful presentation with linens, dishes and serving items, present the meal and clean up afterwards and return to their kitchen and do all of those dishes! The average catered meal can range anywhere from $30-$90 per person (again, including staff, time, etc.). Believe me, it is worth every penny to rest assured that you have a meal worth remembering with your friends and family on your most special day. I am not sure I would want to be remembered for serving McDonald’s, would you?

Some tips on how to get what you want from your caterer:

Karen with Relish loves to provide people with custom menus that can create and evoke memories.

• Be honest with your caterer regarding your budget. Often experienced caterers can come up with ideas within your theme that will fit most budgets.

• Tell your caterer your theme or vision. Let your caterer in on what your dream meal is. From there they can work to create the perfect menu.

• Be prepared to answer these questions when designing your menu.
What’s important to you? Where have you been? What do you love? What do you hate? Where are you going to have the event? Last of all, what is your passion?

By Holly Collins: author of Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips and owner of Adventures in Dance

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