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6 tips for amazing wedding ceremony pictures


CEREMONY TIPS from Elevate Photography

We sat down with Denver, Colorado based Elevate Photography to learn about how to make your ceremony photos as wonderful as your ceremony itself. Remember, this is the actual wedding. Don't you want the perfect photo when you say "I Do"?

ceremony4Face your audience. You want to remember when he wiped the tear from your eye or the look on his face when the officiant declares you husband and wife. By facing your audience, the photographer will be sure to capture those special moments.

Remove distractions. No one looks good with a microphone stand sticking out of their head, so be sure to assign a member of your family to be on the lookout for stray objects that will detract from your ceremony photos. Make sure they get permission to remove items.

Communicate with your officiant regarding details of the ceremony. Officiants can make or break your ceremony so it is important to discuss every details with the officiant before the ceremony. Address rules for photography and videography at the venue, where he/she will stand and the order of the ceremony. We highly recommend having the step to the side during parts of the ceremony (and especially during the first kiss), so they aren’t in all of the photos.

ceremony2Go unplugged. Thanks to modern technology, guest often become wedding photographers during the ceremony. To keep you guest engaged in the ceremony and avoid Aunt Sharon standing directly in front of your ceremony1photographer to snap the perfect “first kiss” photo, request that guest avoid using their cameras and/or cell phones until the reception.

Photographers and Videographers should not compete. Photographers and videographers should not be battling on the most important day of your life. Encourage your videographer and photographer to communicate in advance of your wedding day so they are not competing for the important shots and getting in each other’s way but are working together to tell the story of your day.





Set aside an area for you and your bridal party and/or family to connect immediately following the ceremony. This simple action not only allows for great candid pictures, but gives you the chance to take a breath, enjoy the moment and connect with those most important to you.



About Elevate Photography:

Elevate Photography is an award winning and highly respected studio and is considered a top wedding photography studios in Denver and Colorado. They have been offering wedding photography services since 2001. Their creative, photojournalistic and fun style lends itself to capturing your memories in a unique and memorable way.

Learn more about Elevate Photography on their website and at their page on Wedding Sites and Services at

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