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6 ideas for Wedding Party Gifts

Wedding Party Gifts

We know you love your bridal party. They’ve been with you through thick and thin, crafting your centerpieces late into the night, running interference with vendors and even keeping crazy Uncle Karl away from the open bar at your engagement party. So it’s only natural that you’d love to give them a special gift to say thank you and to remind them of this special time. Fine jewelry is the perfect gift, as it is something your wedding party can wear on the big day and can even complement your wedding colors and theme. Jewelry gifts also double as classic keepsakes that your wedding party will treasure for years to come. Here are a few trending jewelry gift ideas:

For Your Bridesmaids:

·         Pearls: Everyone loves pearls—they’re a classic that everyone should own and they’d make a great go-to gift for your bridesmaids. Opt for a pretty pair of studs that she’ll wear every day or get more creative with a multicolored strand that matches your wedding colors so she’ll have a statement piece for life.

·         A Bespoke Piece: Get each of your bridesmaids a piece of jewelry that screams “her” and acts as a symbol of your close friendship. Keep a consistent look for your bridal party by getting each bridesmaid the same type of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, but find a unique piece for each woman that says something special about her. Perhaps it’s a piece in her favorite color or maybe it references an inside joke between the two of you. You could also find a great jewelry set and gift one piece to each bridesmaid. When you take the time to find that special statement piece, she’ll want to wear it always. 

 For Your Maid of Honor: Your MOH has gone the extra mile during the entire wedding planning process, so it’s only natural that you’d want to spoil her with a little something extra. Instead of just one piece, look for a matching set that complements your wedding colors to let her know how much you appreciate all of her hard work. Her perfect accessories for the wedding day will turn into treasured keepsakes she can wear year after year.



For Your Groomsmen:

·         Money Clips: A money clip makes a great gift because it’s something that your groomsmen will actually use every single day without fail. Go for one like this that has a unique pattern, or get one with a plain design that you can engrave with a special sentiment just for him.

 Cuff Links: These classic accessories are back in style. While your groomsmen may not wear them every day, you’d be surprised how many men don’t have their own cuff links for nice events. If it fits your wedding style, be sure your groomsmen receive this gift in time to get a French cuff shirt so they can wear the cuff links on the big day.


 For Your Best Man: There is no greater jewelry gift for your guys than a classic watch. Considering this is the man you turned to for everything on the biggest occasion of your life, this could be the perfect way to thank him and ensure he has something that will always remind him of this special time.

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