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5 Top DIY Wedding Do’s – by Adventures in Dance

Do you want to know the best parts of your wedding to do yourself? I met with a panel of four wedding experts to find out what the 5 top DIY wedding ideas were. They had so much information that this will be a two-part series. This first article is the 5 top wedding DIY Do’s. The second will be the wedding DIY Don’ts. Read on to find your top DIY wedding ideas.

Panel of Wedding Experts

The panel I invited included a wedding planner, event planner, officiant, and an event designer. Let’s meet the ladies behind the advice. Norie from Weddings by Norie is a wedding officiant and wedding planner. Carol spoke from IMES Events an wedding and corporate event planning company. Our wedding event décor designer is Megan from Event Atelier. Finally, Wendie Bass, is the head of the mid-western Association of Bridal Consultants and owner of Wendie Bass Weddings and more.

Top DIY Wedding Ideas

So, you want to add some DIY to your wedding. Where is the best place to start? How about with your team of bridesmaids? These are the ladies who are there for you on your wedding day. Put together wedding kits for your bridesmaids for your event can save the day for everyone. This can help make the wedding day special for everyone. Check out this list of essentials you can package in a pretty way for your ladies.

1. Bridesmaid’s Survival Kit

  1. Band-Aids
  2. Advil/Tylenol/Aspirin
  3. deodorant/antiperspirant
  4. baby powder
  5. snacks
  6. Emergen-C
  7. safety pins
  8. fashion tape
  9. small sewing kit
  10. tide-to-go- stick
  11. coffee filters
  12. phone charger
  13. bobby pins

2. DIY Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding centerpiece with red roses

Are you handy? Then designing centerpieces for your wedding may be a great DIY for you. This is a great option because you’re going to need anywhere between 10 to 20 of them. This is not so many that you will feel overwhelmed producing.  My panel of experts recommend practicing beforehand. Make a mock centerpiece, then set a mock table with your linens, flatware and china to see how it ties in with your theme. You want to check to see if they are full enough or just need a little bit more pizazz to make it pop on the table.

3. DIY Photobooth

Wedding guests having fun with diy photo booth

Candid photos can be fun at a wedding. Many party stores have photobooth kits you can acquire. Then you can have selfie sticks and photobooth pieces available to your guests. Our expert tip is to be sure to have a way to collect all those photos. For instance, # you on Instagram, or upload to a private Facebook group for your wedding. Then everyone can have fun looking at your candid shots.

4. DIY Signage

Handmade wedding sign on window

Do you have pretty penmanship? Then signage may be a great thing for you to do yourself. Making signs for where to place gifts, or place cards so your guests know where to sit can help everyone find where they need to be. My experts recommend making sure your penmanship is legible so everyone can read it. They also recommend walking through your venue with your site manager to plan the best placement for all your signage.

5. DIY Invitations

Wedding invitation on stand

Your invitations can be a great way to add your own personal touch. There are many great software’s out there to help you design your unique invitation. From printing at home to ordering online, you can add your own individual style. Our expert tip is to remember to add an RSVP card to your invitation. You will need to know how many people are attending your nuptials.

Hand Address

Gold calligraphy on purple envelope

Now your invitations are printed and ready to go, consider hand addressing your envelopes. Experts attest that a hand addressed envelope is more likely to be opened. This DIY tip will help your guests open your invitation.

Wedding Experts

Thank you to this wonderful panel of experts. You can find them at:

  • Wendie Bass-
    Let’s Plan It 303.915.4346
    “Where Weddings are Wonderful!”
    [email protected]
  • Calligraphy by Evette Goldstein
    Pretty Writing Learn more

Many thanks to Adventures in Dance for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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