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5 Tips to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding – by The Rose

While it’s an exciting day, planning a dream wedding can also feel overwhelming at times. From selecting a venue, to choosing the right catering company, and curating a guest list - all within a budget! We’ve pulled together 5 tips to think about as you get started on your wedding planning journey.  

1. Define Your Wedding Vision

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to weddings. Your big day should represent you as a couple. With endless amounts of wedding and bridal resources out there, it can be difficult to decide which direction you want to head. Ask yourself the following questions to help guide your decisions:

  • What is the style or vibe of what we want for our wedding?
  • Do we want the ceremony to be indoors or outdoors? 
  • Do we want the wedding to be an intimate gathering or a huge party?  

Bouqet and candles on table
(Photo: Lanz Photography)

2. Set a Budget

Set a realistic budget to help reign in expenses. Think about what portions of the wedding you will cover and who else may be able to contribute to the event. Once you have this amount - be sure to adhere to it. Remember, a wedding doesn't have to be expensive to be memorable. 

3. Determine Your Guest List

Besides celebrating this special occasion with the people closest to you, your guest list plays a large role in how your budget is allocated. For the most part, catering costs are calculated on a per-head basis. The number of tables, chairs, etc., along with the right venue will also be influenced by your guest list. 

4. Select a Venue

Selecting the right venue for your wedding is one of the most important decisions in your wedding planning process. To narrow down your choices, take into consideration your wedding theme, guest count and budget. Ask yourself if you prefer to have a ceremony and reception under one roof, and also consider if the venue is near hotels and other amenities for out of town guests. 

Some wedding venues, like The Rose in Golden, Colorado, offer wedding event coordinators to guide you in the process. 

Wedding reception venue with tables set up for the event
(Photo: Lanz Photography)

5. Hire Priority Vendors Early

Hiring priority vendors (photographer, caterer, florist) up-front will help alleviate the stress of the wedding planning process. Some venues provide a list of must-use vendors while others offer the flexibility to bring in your own. Make sure you secure the vendors that matter most once you’ve picked your date. 

Your wedding day is meant to be enjoyed, and by planning properly, you’ll be able to have the day of your dreams. We wish you the best of luck in your planning process, and we hope that your wedding goes beyond your wildest expectations.

Many thanks to our friends at The Rose for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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