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5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings - by Adventures in Dance

Country line dancing at a ranch wedding can be highly entertaining! Holly Collins from Adventures in Dance was asked to teach country dances at two wedding events near Granby, CO recently and has shared 5 Tips for Dance Lesson Success at Weddings.

A Rehearsal Dinner at C Lazy U Ranch

The first event Holly was at was a fun rehearsal dinner on Friday evening at the C Lazy U Ranch in Granby. Following the actual rehearsal and dinner, guests were invited to kick up their heels as Holly taught a variety of country line dances as well as the traditional country Two Step. Once everyone was comfortable(ish) with some new moves a rousing dance party ensued! Everyone had a great time learning to dance, meeting other guests and were ready to party at the wedding the next day.

Dancing in the barn at C Lazy U ranchC Lazy U Ranch

Dancing at Strawberry Creek Ranch Wedding

The second wedding was at Strawberry Creek Ranch, on the high side of Granby. Following the cake cutting guests were invited to the dance floor for some lessons in country dancing. A country western Two Step was introduced, followed by line dances to get the crowd moving. Everyone had a wonderful time showing off their new country moves on the dance floor! 

Keeping the party going

Keeping the party vibe going helps any event to be a success and dance lessons can be a festive accent when done well at an event. Here are Holly’s Top Tips for having Dance Lessons be a success at your wedding:

  • Set expectations:
    Let your guests know about the dance lessons in advance so they are in the right frame of mind to learn. Ramp up the excitement by telling them what a great time it’s going to be!

  • Partner before dinner:
    Partnership dances take more focus to learn than line dances or mixers and require people to partner up. Having any Partner Dances before your dinner prepares your guests to to dance all night at your wedding.

  • Line dance after dinner:
    Simple line dances led by an energetic instructor get everyone in the mood to dance!! The more the merrier and no one feels quite so silly when there’s other people fumbling along with them!

  • Transition with Mixers:
    Using a dance mixer to introduce guests to one another before the general dancing kicks off encourages new connections!  Often guests will stick with people they already know. A mixer dance allows guests to mix and mingle with people they may not have been introduced to before. Yay for new friends!

  • Short and sweet:
    Keep lessons under 30 minutes. Your guests came to enjoy the full party and dance lessons can wear your guests out if they last more too long, not to mention you want to have time to DANCE using all your new moves! Doing 30 minutes of partner-dance lessons before dinner and 30 minutes of line dance lessons after dinner creates a break so dancers can digest what they have learned and are ready and excited for the next thing.

Couple country dancing

So really, think about adding in dance lessons for your ranch wedding! Whether you decide to take lessons with your wedding party in preparation for your wedding or hire a teacher to rock your dinner or reception, dance lessons really can step up your party! 

Whatever your wedding theme is, Adventures in Dance has moves to fit your memorable moment. Read the original blog post here and for more information, please visit them here.

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