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5 Questions to Consider While Deciding Between a Mountain or Denver Wedding – by A Touch of Bliss

Between Vail, Winter Park, Denver, Larkspur, Colorado Springs, and beyond, there are a LOT of options for Colorado venues. Consider the following five questions to help you decide: Should we get married in the Mountains or in Denver?

1. How convenient is it for guests to get there?

It’s no secret that DIA isn’t exactly a quick ride to, well, anywhere. But with the A-line, out of town guests can easily step off the plane then right onto the light rail and make their way to Union Station in downtown Denver--no rental car required.

If there are a lot of guests coming from out of town, they’ll probably need to rent a car and drive themselves to the mountains, possibly for the first time. Or guests can also book a shuttle to pick them up at the airport and take them to the mountains. Consider this potential additional cost for your guests on top of their hotel room.

Those already living in the state will most likely book a hotel in the mountains, giving them a chance to have a weekend “staycation.”

2. What’s the weather going to be like?

An October evening in Denver may be brisk, but in the mountains it’s going to be down right cold. There may even be snow. If you’re going to be outdoors at any time in the mountains after the sun has set, you may want to consider renting heaters and even providing guests with blankets to keep warm. A hot chocolate bar is always a good idea! 

Bride and groom in ski gondola

3. What do vendor costs look like?

If you’re staying within the Denver-Metro area, you probably won’t need to worry about travel fees or hotel rooms for your vendors. Also, there’s TONS of vendors to choose from in the metro area, but if you’re considering a mountain wedding your local vendor choices will be more limited (if you want to avoid additional travel fees). Many mountain vendors are only able to accommodate one event a day, so the planning process needs to start early for a mountain wedding. 

Newlyweds walking in the city holding hands

4. What’s the view like?

What do you love about Colorado? Do you love the city skyline, or are you more of a breathtaking, scenic view kind of bride? Denver has some great views, but if you want to really WOW your guests and show them why we’re known as Colorful Colorado, the mountains are definitely for you! 

Couple looking out from ceremony site with mountain views

5. What else is there to do?

Do you have a lot of outdoorsy guests who can’t wait to embrace everything Colorado has to offer in terms of skiing, hiking, rafting, and hot spring-ing? Or would they be more interested in staying in the city and taking advantage of the local breweries (70+ are in Denver alone!), museums, parks, and restaurants? What part of this great state do you want to show off the most? 

Bride and groom kissing at sunset

Fortunately, A Touch of Bliss has worked all over the state during every part of the year and can help you narrow your search down! 

What will it be: Mountains or Denver?

Many thanks to A Touch of Bliss for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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