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12 Gorgeous Wedding Bouquet Ideas by Katie Green, Katie Corinne Photography

Picking out flowers is such a fun part of wedding planning. And yet, there are so many options to choose from! Your floral arrangements will depend on the season, the climate, your wedding colors and themes, and your own personal style. These twelve wedding bouquet ideas are just stunning.

Sunny Summer Bouquet

With sunflowers, daisies, and pink, yellow, and white, this bouquet just makes you smile. It is so joyous and bright to perfectly reflect your amazing day! This is a great bouquet idea for the happy summer bride.

Romantic Pink and Purple Bouquet

This romantic bouquet is made of dusty pink roses and muted tones with a bright pop of deep purple in the middle. It totally puts you in the mood for a evening full of romance and love.

Colorful Summer Bouquet

This bouquet is just perfect for a warm summer wedding. With blues, pinks, yellows, and purples, it is so rich and colorful. I just love the mini sunflowers and Dutch irises. They add a gorgeous pop to the bridal bouquet.

Simple Rose Bouquet

Simple can be oh so beautiful. This peach rose bouquet is so classy and elegant. Keeping your florals simple means they won’t distract from the meaning of your wedding day. Just choose your favorite color and your favorite flower and go from there!

Luscious Spring Bouquet

I love this wedding bouquet idea, filled with luscious pink and white florals. The leaves add the perfect amount of green and make the bouquet more dynamic as well. This spring bouquet is so full and beautiful and I am sure it smells amazing as well!

Wildflower Bouquet

Wildflower bouquets have such a wonderful variety in shape and color. I love how dynamic this bouquet is. There are so many sizes and layers, colors and textures, it’s hard to look away.

Purple and Green Bouquet

Sometimes it’s nice to focus on the greens in a bridal bouquet. This arrangement has such a calm, natural feel to it. It’s so simple and beautiful with a lovely variety of leaves and grasses and bright pop of light purple. 

Modern Urban Bouquet

This is one of my favorite wedding bouquet ideas. The craspedia yellow flowers and honeycomb details bring the geometry of a urban backdrop into the natural bouquet. This is a great way to keep a modern vibe throughout an urban wedding. The silk ribbons also add a layer of class and elegance.

Bright Purple Bouquet

Purple is such a trendy color this year, and with good reason! It’s a rich, bright color. It can be happy and cherry, soft and light, or vibrant and romantic. Purple can be incorporated into every season as well. This bright purple bouquet is simple, beautiful, and elegant.

Fall Bouquet

This fall bouquet idea brought rich pinks and light purples together for a bright and happy autumn arrangement. With lots of layers and big, open flowers, this is the perfect bouquet for a fall bride with a lot of personality.

Soft and Romantic Bouquet

Blues, pinks, and purples fill this elegant, classy bouquet. The muted tones and white accents are perfect for winter. This bouquet is so soft and romantic. I love the light purple roses and bright pops of blue!

More Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Succulents are a very trendy and make for great bouquets. You can have them as a part of a floral bouquet or make the whole arrangement out of succulents and greens. They make for great boutonnieres and centerpieces as well.

Paper or fabric bouquets are also a great idea if you want to incorporate some meaningful items into your day, or if you’re just looking for something fun and different. There are many wonderful artists out there who can customize these kinds of bouquets or, if you’re crafty, you could try to make your own. To make it meaningful, you could use the pages from your favorite books or the fabric from your mother’s wedding dress.

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