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Wedding Sites and Services sits down with Ansley Event Design for 10 tips to make your wedding fun.

Everyone wants their wedding to stand out. Everyone wants their wedding to be fun. How do you make your "I do's" into "I really think this is the best wedding ever"? You get advice from a pro! We asked Rose for 10 hot tips to make your day less stressful while making sure your guests have an awesome time.

a2ec1e718b671573a81fbab189120436Hire a Food Truck for a Late-Night Snack:Looking for a sure-fire way to excite your guests? Bring in a food truck for your late night snack! Your guests will be ready for a little more food after dancing and drinking and you don’t want to send them home with an empty stomach. Click here for a list of food trucks in the Denver area.

Leave Advice Cards on the Dinner Tables: This is a great way to get your guests involved in your celebration and a great way to get some valuable marriage advice from your friends and family! On each advice card give a prompting question, such as, “What should we name our kids?” Or, “What makes for a successful marriage?” Don’t be afraid to incorporate funny questions!

20bdb5bb2ab960ff5b028b5659208d67Think Beyond Cake… Dessert Bar: Spice up your dessert by providing a wide selection of sweet treats. In other words, go all out and have a dessert bar! Include a variety of goodies to satisfy any sweet tooth, such as: donuts, cupcakes, brownies, s’mores, candies, truffles—really anything you want. Your dessert bar can double as wedding favors if you include goodie bags/boxes at the station so your guests can take some treats home.

Serve Adult Treats: A great way to kick off your reception party is to serve adult treats, aka spiked treats! For a summer wedding, alcoholic shaved ice would be a refreshing way to get your guests in the mood to dance. And, for a winter wedding, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps will keep your guests warm and happy.

e0700ebbad24267821ebed366db84dc3Add an Element of Surprise: A great way to entertain your guests is to keep them on their toes. You could surprise your guests by bringing in wild entertainment, such as a circus act complete with fire blowers and contortionists. Or, you could wow your guests with a choreographed performance by you and the groom (and the whole wedding party if you want to go big!). Your surprise could be simple and sweet, such as a serenade from you to your groom—this one is great because it surprises your groom too!

Place song request cards on tables or include “song request” on your RSVP card: Advice cards and song request cards are great icebreakers for guests sitting at the same table—this prompts guests to share their advice and song choice and makes for a fun atmosphere among guests. With song request cards, your guests will be encouraged to get out on the dance floor if their song or a tablemate’s song comes on!


Incorporate Family or Regional traditions/Customs:Incorporating customs or traditions into your wedding makes your celebration unique and personal and may be something that your guests have never seen before. If you don’t have any family traditions or cultural customs, try to incorporate something that is meaningful to you and your groom. This could be a symbolic gesture such as blending sands at your ceremony or it could be something playful such as having your dog be your ring bearer. Anything that adds a personal touch to your ceremony or reception will make the guests feel more connected to you and the groom.

515cb1eb96a87f6519dc22a27093327cProvide Transportation: If you want your wedding to feel like a party to your guests then make sure that you provide transportation after the reception. This way your guests will be able to let loose and enjoy a few cocktails without having to worry about driving home.

Relax and Have Fun: If your guests see you smiling and having a blast, then they will do the same. You have hired highly experienced pros to handle the details of your wedding, so let them do their job and relax! You set the tone for your celebration, so get out on the dance floor, laugh and let loose!

fec463c0be91ba3c0ad44954c41fb02cPick an Interesting Reception Site: Are there any museums, gardens, historical sites, zoos or city monuments that you love? If so, see if they hold private parties! This is a great way to keep your guests entertained. They will be able to explore their surroundings during cocktail hour and if they need a break from dancing they will have something to keep them occupied. Therefore, the party will last longer!

Keep calm, and plan on! ~ Your favorite Assistant Event Coordinator, Rose

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