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10 Reasons to Invest in Wedding Videography

By Crystaline Photography and Multimedia, LLC.

1. The day goes by so quickly and afterwards you will look back on it and say “What just happened!” While photos are a beautiful memento to hang on your wall, the only way to remember the full details in living sound and moving pictures is through video coverage.

2. It’s a great way to share your event with friends and family who could not attend. Most video companies also will now provide a highlight clip to share via the internet so you don’t even have to worry about getting your copy back from grandma!

3. To view things that happened behind the scenes. The couple usually chooses to get ready in separate rooms. Family and friends may be off doing all of the decorating while you are getting ready. If you truly want to see what’s going on in areas you wouldn’t otherwise be present, then hiring a videographer or two (to make sure you see the preparation of both the groom & the bride) will ensure every moment gets covered.

4. Capturing special people in your life on film! I’ve been married long enough to know the benefits of having had a videographer at my own wedding. Having footage of people who have passed on or who were young children, but are now all grown up is amazing. It’s truly a way to bring the memory of someone special back to life.

5. Having a Pro shoot your video helps to make you the STAR that you are! We know the right angles to shoot, what events must be included, and professional editing gives your film a more finished look, like a movie! Sometimes “Uncle Bob” ends up doing the video…and sometimes it can work out, but more often than not issues happen… “Oops, I forgot to charge my camera battery”, “I didn’t bring the camera cords”, no tripod so the camera is hand-held through the whole ceremony which gets really shaky or the reception starts and Uncle Bob has a couple of drinks and forgets to film parts or most of the reception. It’s better to put this job in a professional’s hand – you don’t want to be mad at Uncle Bob for the rest of his life!

6. Actually hearing the speeches, toasts and more that were made in your honor. Again, the day goes by quickly and sometimes these go by in a blur and they are hard to remember. Having the actual voice of the person speaking along with the laughs and tears of those listening to the speech is priceless.

7. Seeing the wedding from another point of view. Wouldn’t you love to be able to see the expression on your father’s face as he walks you down the aisle? You will be focused on just making it to the altar without tripping and on the face of your beloved. Seeing the wedding as others got to see it is pretty amazing!

8. Being able to show your children how Mom and Dad’s life started out! Not to mention, when the relationship gets a little rocky, it’s a pretty good reminder of how much in love you really are. A video is a great way to share this special moment with those that don’t yet exist or rekindle a romance!

9. The number one regret of most couples after their wedding is not having hired someone to video the wedding.  When wedding websites poll brides about their regrets after the big day they always mention how quickly the day flew by, how busy they were, and how much they didn’t realize they would have loved to be able to sit back and watch the day all over again. Try to prevent this regret by incorporating it into your budget early on!

10. Video is one of the few items that you actually get return on your investment. Will people remember if you provided a wedding favor? Probably not…unless it’s a really over-the-top gift. How about the fancy chair covers you had on all of the seats? Not really. If cutting some of these items from your wedding makes room in your budget for a videographer, consider it! If you want to be able to re-live your wedding again and again, video truly is the only way to go!

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